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  • NMSSA Legislative Alert 1/30/23

    In two committee meetings today, two gun control measures advanced onwards. The House Judiciary Committee passed HB9, the firearm owner liability bill on a party-line vote of 7-4. The bill creates […]

  • HB56

    Dear House Member,This is in regards to House Bill 56 ” An ACT relating to license plates; requiring motor vehicles to display front end license plates; requiring issuance of registration […]

  • Pre- Legislative Session GET ENGAGED.

    https://conservativesinaction.org/local-elected-officials/ write your representative Contact Juan if you want to participate so we can plan- 575-449-5821/[email protected] Join state legislators for any of these eight community meetings in Doña Ana County:  […]

  • the blob

    The Unhoused and Our City’s Prospects. Time to review this documentary done by Seattle’s KOMO News and the recent article on the spreading of the problem. The Fight for the […]

  • Playing with the big boys now.


  • Questions on LCPS Regulation JBD

    Engage your school board Rep. From: cciawinusa <[email protected]>Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2022 8:34 PMTo: Zachary Facio <[email protected]>Cc: Sherley O’brien <[email protected]>Subject: [External] – Questions on Policy JBD External Email WARNING: This email originated outside of the Las […]

  • Mission Ambassador Luncheon

  • URGENT: C19 Shots for NM Kids Being Decided SOON

    Dear New Mexicans,WILL YOU PLEASE GIVE 5 MINUTES TO STAND UP FOR NM KIDS? The NM Vaccine Advisory Committee apparently met on Thursday November 3rd, with no public notice, to discuss […]

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    ZERO OUT MLG !!!

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