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CTA Referendum Project – CCIA to collect signatures for the Referendum Project at Southern State Fair

CCIA is sharing a booth with the Republican Party of Dona Ana County (RPDACNM).  We have 5 days at the Southern State Fair to collect as many signatures as possible before they must be turned in final by October 1st!!  We wish to have most of the hours of the state fair covered!  Most time slots are 2.5 hours!  We appreciate everyone who has helped us during this very important project.  Success will mean that we won’t allow our lawmakers to take advantage of their constituents.  To relinquish a parent’s rights to decide, much less allow a child to decide for himself, that an abortion or a sex change was right for them, needs to be decided by the voters and not the lawmakers of our New Mexico!
Fair hours are as follows – you need only pick your time and call Joan Scherer (575) 649-8970, to put yourself on the schedule We need 2 per shift:



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