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  • Thoughts regarding book selection

    Mr Ruiz, the controversy regarding the book ‘Jack of Hearts and other parts’ needs serious consideration that runs deeper than just the question of age appropriateness. It concerns the entire […]

  • The Mass Shooting and Liberal Utopian Society

    In the last two weeks, there have been two mass shootings in the United States, and the second took place this week at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. These […]

  • NMSU supports racism, why are you using them to comment on racist events?

    Good morning Mr. D’Ammassa:  You really should not use any NMSU personnel to comment on racism. Referring to your Monday column.We found out that Ms. Lara and NMSU personnel have […]

  • what’s so great about america

    It seems so odd that the liberal mentality surrounds making a point of the blemishes of America and disregards it’s greatness and all the life enriching things it has given […]

  • America Needs a Return to First Principles

    Our nations success depends on an informed populaceThe following is coverage of two authors from the Hoover Institute that recently released a paper, “Reinvigorating Economic Governance ADVANCING A NEW FRAMEWORK […]

  • Beerman’s Record Review

    Attached is the latest “Record-Review” containing highlights about the regime that has been controlling the Las Cruces city government. We need to make changes in the upcoming election by voting […]

  • Support for LCPD

    ChiefUnfortunate incident on Burley Court. Our support for LCPD is unwavering and appreciate what you and your officers do everyday.   Thanks JD garcia 5754495821

  • Comment to Walt Rubel’s media commentary on RANK CHOICE Voting

    Decide on a Mayor in this election and coattail the councilor that has the same ideologies or close to it. If you want a conservative leader, then use Rank Choice […]

  • Julia Ruiz- LCPS D4 Candidate- Needs Help

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: BEN LUNA and YOUR VOICE ON THE BOARD – Julia Ruiz. DATE: Saturday 10. 10.14.2023   TIME: 10 AM   PLACE: Trinity Lutheran Church 2900 Elks Drive   […]

  • Jack of Hearts Hearing -ALL HANDS

    BOOK HEARING UPDATES Thurs, Oct 12th @ 4:15pm 1) Public comments/speakers are now only allowed for those who register the day of the event. This is a last minute change by […]

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