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Kids have a 99.997% survival rate from COVID-19 illness. Here in New Mexico, only 0.5% of child COVID cases have resulted in hospitalization. Thus far, child deaths after COVID-19 vaccines include 37 children ages 12-17 and 3 children aged 5-11yo (reported to the CDC VAERS). Many of the children who died after COVID vaccination were healthy before they received the shots. A recent death was a 7-year-old girl from Minnesota who died in her sleep 11 days after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

I am seeing this in my natural healthcare practice, too, with an increase in illness in people who are vaccinated and have received the booster shot. They are coming down ill and I cannot tell any difference in illness severity compared to the unvaccinated people I have treated. Early treatment is still effective at reducing the likelihood of severe illness.

In my natural healthcare practice, some of the more-common post-vaccine complaints that people are seeking help for are long-standing severe headaches, intense and repeated episodes of vertigo, blood pressure problems, and menstrual irregularities.

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