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Media Hypocrisy at its Best !!

Mr D’Ammassa
I “felt” your indignation this morning at how Judge Jackson was treated by those “terrible Republicans”. I also read Ruben Navarrette’s comments in the ABJ yesterday at how badly this “woman of color” was treated.   https://lcsunnewsdaily-nm.newsmemory.com/?publink=001eabdeb_13483cb
I will assume you as well as Navarrete were just as appalled at how the last two SCOTUS were abused ?
As I wrote to Ruben,  I have no doubt he, like you spoke out against “Spartacus”  and his grandstanding or K Harris with her shrill and obnoxious method of interrogation or about the “star” of the Kavanaugh hit piece- Ford (couldn’t recall how she traveled from California to DC) or the assault by the media on Kavanaugh  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/09/28/brett-kavanaugh-hearing-protesters-christine-blasey-ford/1453524002/  and all the other circus and made up allegations of sexual harassment brought upon by the Democratic party as well as attacking Judge Barrett for her faith  https://religiondispatches.org/turn-on-the-news-why-ketanji-brown-jacksons-faith-doesnt-matter-but-amy-coney-barretts-did/
Either way it is fascinating (and revolting) at the hypocrisy of the so called “media”.  Judge Jackson couldn’t define “woman” even though we have to “assume” she is a woman since Biden wanted a “black woman” nominee for the SCOTUS.  I dint see that in your article….

My best…..

​Juan D Garcia


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