CALLS TO ACTION: Limit MLG’s Emergency Powers and Crime Bill

Dear New Mexicans,We wanted to let you know about two more issues that may be of interest to you in current NM Legislative Session.   If these issues are important to you, will you please give a few minutes to contact your lawmakers about these issues? These are three pieces of legislation that we would support. Two Bills to Limit the Governor’s Emergency Powers – Go here to easily take action: House Bill HB80-

Senate Bill SB65- Joint Resolution to Fight the Rising Crime – Go here to easily take action: See below for more information about both of these issues.——————————TWO BILLS TO LIMIT THE GOVERNOR’S POWERSHouse Bill HB80 and Senate Bill SB65 will limit the Governor’s power to perpetually extend the state of emergency. These Bills will revise New Mexico’s emergency power laws to bring accountability and take the power away from just one person. These bills would require that any governor must consult with the legislature after an emergency order was issued. The legislature would have the power to terminate the state of emergency if they saw fit.  YOU CAN LEARN MORE AND EASILY EMAIL LEGISLATORS IN SUPPORT OF BILLS HB80 AND SB65 HERE ???: House Bill HB80- Bill SB65 – 
——————————BILL TO FIGHT RISING CRIMENew Mexico’s 2016 bail reform has severely limited NM judges in being able to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.  Crime is rising across the state, and New Mexico’s families and businesses are paying the price through property damage, theft, unsafe neighborhoods, and violent crimes. Meanwhile, the perpetrators are facing few consequences and are quickly released to commit more crimes. No longer should our law-abiding citizens have to live in fear. Please urge the NM Legislature to vote YES on House Joint Resolution HJR9. This legislation will give judges the power to hold defendants behind bars when they are a danger to the community. YOU CAN LEARN MORE AND EASILY EMAIL LEGISLATORS IN SUPPORT OF THIS JOINT RESOLUTION HJR9 HERE ???: 
Your voice matters. Please send this on to like-minded people!  ———————-Thank you for ACTING NOW for the good of New Mexico,Sarah Smith, Karen Larré, and Melanie RubinNew Mexico Freedoms Alliance


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