Crime Bills to Potentially Consider

Dear Mayor Enriquez, City Councilors, and Chief Story
As a follow-up to my comment today, here is a list of some crime Bills that you may want to consider advocating for in advance of the next legislative session. 

  1. SJR11 – Requirements for Denial of Bail, CA
  2. SB16 – Criminal Competency Determination
  3. HB44 – Pretrial Detention Presumption
  4. HB69 – Crime of Organized Residential Theft
  5. HB46 – Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  6. HB47 – Unlawful Firearms While Trafficking
  7. HB 155 – Three Strikes Law
  8. HB 60 – Enhanced Sentencing for Fentanyl (2023)
  9. HB 57 – Tort Immunity for Shoplifter Apprehension (2023)
  10. HB 155 – Aggravated Battery on a Peace Officer Penalty (2023)
  11. HB 58 – Additional Violent Felonies (2023)

I understand that there is a lobbyist for City Council, but am hopeful that perhaps more can be done to advocate for Bills earlier in the Interim Committee meetings to build up more momentum in advance of the 2025 session. 

Hopefully Chief Story can weigh in on these and determine which ones look the most promising in order to increase the effectiveness of LCPD’s efforts. 
Once you identify Bills for the next session that you think will help our crime/mental health/substance abuse issues, please let me know. I’m a co-leader for a non-partisan statewide grassroots coalition of thousands of people (NM Freedoms Alliance) through which we can mount large public support for favorable Bills through emails/calls/committee hearing testimony. 

I look forward to watching the April 22 work session to learn more about what you are planning for Municipal Court.

I hope this is helpful.



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