Drop LC Minimum Wage ordinance: tipped wages

Good morning Councilor Flores, I am writing to request that you and the City Council consider eliminating completely the last vestige of the LC minimum wage ordinance, the tipped wages component.With the State’s minimum wage law overtaking the LC minimum wage law, and with Las Cruces Small Business reeling with the loss of our local convenience store chain Pic Quik, it is urgent that the Council take action.
Small business in LC is becoming automated because of too high minimum wage, the new McDonalds’s on Lohman has half the workers of previous stores due to this.  We need 10 teenagers there (instead of automation) to learn the work ethic like so many of my friends did.A small restaurant owner in Las Cruces cannot automate worker tasks because of the high cost, and saddling a nearly $5.00 per hour pay per server, along with a too-high statewide $11.50 is too much, Dona Chayo restaurant on Solano cannot stay open in the five years I’ve watched them from my office.What are your thoughts, please call me if possible. 
V/RRick Reynaud, P.E.575-312-0439


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