Dysfunctional Education School Board

LCPS board concerns reach tipping point with midnight budget vote (

I don’t have all the answers, but the school board behaving the way they have been is shameful.
The article says it very well:”…in the middle of the night…They made this decision despite voiced concerns from teachers that the money is not being used to benefit students/staff. They made this decision despite a lack of transparency and discussion with parents. They made this decision despite concerns from the staff who maintain facilities and hardly make enough to support their own families. The board made this decision even though board president Ray Jaramillo admitted that they had failed to do a good job of developing a budget that took into consideration the concerns and needs of staff/students.
…Even Vice President Teresa Tenorio noted that making this decision “under the cover of night” was going to look bad….These meetings that are designed to go over four hours have a chilling effect on interested community members. The surveys that are sent out are utterly ignored. I am not sure how bad it’s going to get. One thing is for sure; this is the most dysfunctional board and administration we have had in recent memory. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better.”
The level of trust that parents and LCPS employees have of the entire school board is officially at ZERO.

Frustrated parent,


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