Feedback from Torrance County Audit Brief

Presentation on machine vulnerability before the Torrance County Commission (2/10).  

None of the Dominion machines currently used in New Mexico are in compliance with current EAC guidelines.

While guidelines are generally optional to follow, New Mexico chose to adopt and codify them, making the requirements legally MANDATORY.  

We are in the midst of primaries, administering elections on uncertified machines in violation of the law.  

Even worse, the Secretary of State and State Auditor have known about our non-compliance for OVER A YEAR.  They delayed providing public records confirming this fact for over 8 months.  

The same State Auditor, Brian Colon, is now running for Attorney General and promoting his efforts to shut down the Otero Audit with daily campaign ads.  Colon will be on a ballot despite his massive failure to “audit” the SOS’s illegal inaction.

Corruption abounds with the Santa Fe Ring.

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