Good News & Bad News…which do you want first?

We are two weeks into the Legislative Session and several bills are moving through the process that would not help our state if passed. Here are a few:

  • SB180: Election Law Changes
  • SB77: Home Build Requirements
  • SB165: Increase Electric Rates
  • HB25/HB28: Increase Min Wage
  • HB119: Raise Top Personal Tax Rate
  • HB120: Limit Capital Gains Deduction
  • HB215: Unemployment to those not currently eligible
  • HB9HB50HB72HB100HB101: Anti 2nd Amendment laws
  • HJR4: Environmental Rights Constitutional Amendment

In the mix, however, are bills that would limit unchecked power, improve election integrity, lower taxes and promote public safety. Here are a few:

  • HB58: Additional Penalties for Violent Felonies
  • HB110: Voter ID Requirement
  • HB80/HJR3: Limiting Emergency Orders w/o Legislative Approval
  • HB98/HB203: Reinstate Qualified Immunity for Police Officers
  • HB60: Enhanced Sentencing for Fentanyl Related Offenses
  • HJR9: Denial of Bail for Violent Offenders
  • SB38: Reducing Gross Receipts Tax, Eliminating/Reducing Others
  • SB174: Pretrial Release Standards for Violent Offenders

Legislative Calls to Action & Training 
Click HEREfor ‘Call to Action’ forms, allowing you to quickly send an email to decision makers. And…

Legislative Advocacy training, for those who want to learn more about how to effectively stop bad and support good legislation, will be held this Saturday, February 4, at 1:00 pm, via Zoom. 


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