Impact of climate change on low income families

Ms. Bencomo, I recently saw a quote from you in an old article regarding Las Cruces’ working toward net zero impact on the environment. Two considerations for you – first, the push toward elimination of fossil fuels is driven by the mistaken belief that human generated CO2 emissions is a major driver of global warming. Much of the ‘science’ which allegedly shows that is questionable at best- a group of supposedly respectable scientists from England that published the original thesis on that subject were discredited and their work shown to be fabricated. The earth’s temperature is slowly climbing; that is true. However, aside from routine variations in climate that occur over long periods of time ( for example, the glaciers in Alaska began melting and retreating in the 1860’s long before cars became an issue) the major driver of climate change,in my  opinion, is the constant geoengineering of weather which has been conducted since the 1940’s. Specifically I refer to the chemtrails that are spayed across our skies on an almost daily basis. Whatever the justification for this from the governments of the world it is trapping heat in our atmosphere. Have you ever googled Siberian methane craters? Cow farts and agriculture are not releasing a significant amount of methane ( a truly dangerous gas for warming consideration) but the warming of the atmosphere caused by the trapping of solar  radiation is causing the frozen tundra to thaw and methane is literally exploding from the ground and ocean floor in Arctic regions. Don’t blame the common man for problems caused by the psychopaths controlling our weather. All the good intentions in the world , evidenced as ‘net zero impact’ policies, cannot change the trajectory started by weather engineering. We all need to attack the right target.   Secondly, you mentioned the disproportionate impact of fossil fuel technologies on lower income people over the next 20 or 30 years. The Green movement is not now ‘net zero impact’. In fact building electric vehicles, wind turbines,solar panels,etc, use far more fossil fuel than the electric vehicles can ever save over the course of their operational lifetimes. And the mining of the trace minerals for the batteries and panels destroys huge swaths of the earth’s surface. Well intentioned people such as yourself are contributing to the destruction of the planet while driving people (regardless of their financial status) toward more expensive energy solutions than we have today. Tax rebates cannot help those that don’t pay taxes or cannot afford new electric vehicles and appliances to begin with. The big picture demands that we reinvest in fossil fuel production and focus on making their usage cleaner and more efficient. Fracking  is definitely destructive. We should focus on ultra deep drilling as the Soviets have-it is cleaner and the supply is enormous compared to the shallower drilling we do here. I applaud your intentions but would have you look beyond the short term picture. I hope you will think about this some more before promoting resolutions that have little long term value or effect. Thank you.    Sincerely Jody Kincaid DVM ND CCIA


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