Joe Biden, Russian Oil, and Hypocrisy

Is Joe Biden a stooge in the secret employ of the Russian dictator Putin? This is the sort of question that Democrat leaders asked constantly during Donald Trump’s presidency. So turnabout seems to be fair play.

Trump advocated a stronger NATO, opposing Putin. Trump financed Kurdish rebel forces to strike at ISIS in Syria and restrict the abilities of Putin’s Syrian army surrogates. Trump promoted greater energy independence for the US. All these actions run counter to the argument that he was in league with Putin.
Meanwhile, the Obama presidency provided blankets to the Ukrainian government after Putin invaded the Crimean peninsula region of Ukraine. And now Joe Biden refuses to consider opening up new leases of oil and natural gas drilling on public lands, even defying a court order requiring him to do so. Meanwhile, I just paid $3.99 a gallon for gas in Las Cruces, up from just $2.19 a gallon just after Trump left office in 2021.
Was Trump acting as a Putin stooge when he worked to reduce our costs of energy and dependence on Russian oil? Contrarily, is Biden acting as a Russian stooge when all he offers to the Ukrainians are food packets, blankets, and doilies? But refuses to send them the lethal weapons they need to repel the vicious Russian invaders?

How much higher do gasoline and natural gas prices have to rise before people in power like Joe Biden and Michelle Lujan Grisham realize these high and rising prices are crippling our economy, the savings of many retirees, and the value of welfare recipients’ monthly checks?
Simply jacking up deficit spending, further fueling inflation, is not the answer. Nor will solar and wind farms and electric vehicles (EVs) replace the value of gasoline for fueling our transportation needs.
David Tofsted

Las Cruces


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