Links to the LC Sun Dr. Lara article and audio interview- Lies ???

From: rreynaud <[email protected]>
Date: On Friday, January 6th, 2023 at 9:39 AM
Subject: LC Sun-News article this week: Teaching of CRT within Las Cruces public schools, Dr. Lara confirms what we parents knew

LC Sun News article this week with Dr. Lara (NMSU) remarks on CRT.  She says she teaches it to her kindergartener, but remember that LCPS (and the NM PED)  told us when they passed JBC that there was absolutely NO CRT!See article here:
And here’s the audio interview link:

Michael Potts, of our group, has already written a strong letter to President Jaramillo and the Board, I’ll forward it to you.  I know that you and Juan Garcia both had issues with Dr. Warniment/NM PED with this.  V/RRick Reynaud  ——- Forwarded Message ——-
From: Michael Potts <[email protected]>
Date: On Thursday, January 5th, 2023 at 4:25 PM
Subject: Teaching of CRT within Las Cruces public schools
To: Ray Jaramillo <[email protected]>, Carol Cooper <[email protected]>, [email protected] <[email protected]>, Pam Cort <[email protected]>, Robert Wofford <[email protected]>, [email protected] <[email protected]>, [email protected] <[email protected]>, Peerman, Lucas <[email protected]>

Las Cruces Board of Education,

Mr. Ray Jaramillo
Ms. Carol Cooper
Ms. Teresa Tenorio
Ms. Pamela Cort
Mr. Robert Wofford Michael S. Potts
5 January, 20223

Dear School Board Members,

I was taken aback by the article in todays Sun News highlighting Dulcinea Lara’s interview. I found out that you ALL have blatantly lied to the public about the teaching of CRT within our school system. You have implemented Policy JBC and JBD when you were told repeatedly that the general public did not support these Policies.
In the Article, Ms. Lara says, and I quote “Lara said the concepts behind CRT can be scaled down to apply to K-12 students, and she’s been working with school districts across New Mexico to do just that.” Further, the Sun News states that Lara says “It’s not going to happen overnight, but Lara is working to change curricula across New Mexico and the United States. The Borderlands and Ethnic Studies department at NMSU may find itself playing a KEY ROLE in educating the educators at the center of this heated debate.”

So, you have been caught in a LIE of immense proportions and you have continued time and time again to deny that the Schools are teaching CRT. We see that Ms. Lara was educated at Berkeley to study Ethnic Studies. We all know that Berkeley is one of the most Liberal Colleges in the United States and goes so far as to promote Marxism and Socialism in hopes of implementing a Communist regime and mind set here in the United States. Where does Saul Alinsky tell us, in rules for Radicals, to start? Why in the schools of course.

We, your constituents, have told you time and time again to put aside this way of thinking and get back to teaching Academics and allow our teachers to teach their subject matter specialty. They are not there to be social workers or try and teach our children morals and ideology. They are NOT there to indoctrinate our children in Marxist philosophy. Morals and raising of children is the Parents responsibility and it is sad that you have done what you can to usurp the parents role in raising their children.

I find, Mr. Jaramillo, that since you now own the school that you were teaching at, that you have a conflict of interest in the decisions you make and the decisions that affect all the children here in Dona Ana County.

To end this I strongly advise this School Board to Resign as you have been lying to the Public about what you have been doing and you do NOT have the Population’s support to continue to make the decisions you have been making. I really do demand you step down now!!!

Michael S. Potts
Citizen at Large


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