“Municipal judge alleges city planted judge to skirt bail reform”

Mr. Mayor, Councilors and Rep. Rubio,
I find the quote attributed to Judge Goldbaum very troubling and if the allegation is false, regarding you “planting” a judge as a means to keep the poor and unhoused behind bars, very irresponsible coming from a member of the judiciary. These type of comments, IMO,  are “expected” from legislators and members of the executive but NOT from a judge.   Presiding Municipal Judge Joy Goldbaum has alleged the city’s mayor planted a judge on the bench as a means to keep poor and unhoused people behind bars when accused of nonviolent property crimes. She also alleges the judge is unqualified to serve”.  https://lcsunnewsdaily-nm.newsmemory.com/?publink=5fd063e26_134861a
I applaud your effort to resolve the rising crime issue in LC. The allegations by the Judge in this article, where you reached out asking questions to educate yourself seems to be “a very petty attempt” in trying to paint you in a negative fashion. 
The comments Goldbaum ran for presiding judge on a campaign which stressed alternatives to incarceration for people living in poverty, unhoused residents and people with substance abuse issuesis a “get out of jail card free” because nowhere is there discussion on how to address accountability and responsibility by those who are alleged to have commited a crime.  I guess law abiding citizens who are affected are expected to “suck it up” because the perpetrators are living in poverty, minorities, etc….   That premise is upside down since the victim is twice victimized. 
On May 21, 2022, I sent a note to Judge Goldbaum (Email to Dawn Shults attached) asking for the status of the Judge’s commitment to “ I will implement a  Homeless Court Program and DWI/Drug Court to address the underlying issues which cause some non-violent defendants to circulate frequently through the Municipal Court.https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/politics/elections/2019/10/22/get-know-las-cruces-municipal-court-presiding-judge-candidates/3991905002/.  The response (as noted in the attachment) from the Court Manager was ” Mr. Garcia, Good afternoon! The Las Cruces Municipal Court does not currently have a Homeless Court Program or a DWI/Drug Court.   No explanation as to why the Judge had not implemented  what she promised. 
Per article Goldbaum has previously said she butted heads with Ryan while she was an associate judge, saying he resisted her progressive ideas such as DWI courts, homeless courts and other problem-solving courts https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/local/2022/08/15/las-cruces-judges-qualifications-in-question-after-appointment-by-city-council/65404730007/   puts in question  Judge Goldbaum’s impartiality in pushing against the appointment of Judge Ryan and if she is concerned he will affect her self described “progressive ” ideas.   And finally, in the PVA attachment,  Judge Goldbaumasked residents of the city to contact their city counselor and the mayor and request that they rescind resolution 23-017.  https://pva-nm.org/2022/08/28/august-25-2022/.
I stand behind you and the City Council’s vote on Aug. 1, 2022.  Thanks to McDevitt in highlighting some of the behind the scenes “cesspool” in the continuation of making out criminals as “victims” which really concerns me since I see, and all of you hear or experience, the impact crime is having on our community.   
Thank you.

Juan D Garcia575-449-5821


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