Parents, concerned about schooling? Reply by July 9

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July 4, 2022Dear Parents and Caregivers for Children in NM,For a few more minutes, as this email is written, today is still the 4th of July, a day that stands for Freedom in the United States.What about Freedom in how your children are educated?Please complete the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance Schooling Alternatives Survey by July 9 so we can provide results to you and other parents as soon as possible.Child with flag on father's shoulders watches the sunset(This email is going out on the tail end of July 4th due to technical difficulties earlier today. That’s the way life goes sometimes, isn’t it? We do what we can, as we can… We hope you’ve had a wonderful day with your children, somehow, celebrating Freedom.)Child with sparkler It’s a challenging time for many of you, deciding what is best for your children with respect to their schooling. You may question some of the curriculum provided in schools, while searching for how you can offer your kids the kind of education you want them to have. Many parents are struggling with their kids’ schooling, and some have found or created alternatives.The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance wants to help parents connect who have similar needs, and provide information about partial or full home schooling, school co-ops, and alternative curricula.Please pass along this survey link to other interested parents.To complete the schooling alternatives survey by July 9, go HERE. Thank you for your dedication to our most precious resource, our children.———————————-Melanie, Karen and SarahNew Mexico Freedoms Alliance


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