Please make Education the Top priority in Las Cruces Public Schools, 2 disturbing items

Dear Rep. Ferrary and Senator Soules, my two legislators:  The situation in NM regarding K-12 public education is dire.  Please see the article below, which you may have already read:

Most New Mexico students are not proficient when it comes to math, science or language arts, but top education officials said Thursday they have “concrete specific strategies” to get the state on a path to where it sees improvements each year. The results showed only 25% of students tested were proficient or better in math and about one third were proficient or better when it came to science and reading and writing. For those in kindergarten to second grade, 69% fell short of the proficiency mark in early literacy.

And here is a sample of unnecessary “curriculum” material.  Click on the link and tell me how this is useful to our NM students?  And pronouns in Spanish?  Profound disrespect for our culture, and by the way – I am hispanic.  

UNGENDERING LANGUAGE PRESENTATION You may also be interested to see the content of a presentation that was given to 9th grade students at NM School of the Arts public school in Santa Fe.  This presentation was specifically funded by the state of NM under Governor Lujan Grisham.In this presentation, the use of the usual pronouns and titles (he, she, Mom, Dad, Mr, Mrs, etc) is being equated with discrimination. The presentation is instead advocating for the use of they/them, parent, nibling, amigue, abuel@, etc. You can download the full presentation here:

The pedagogy installed at LCPS is divisive, discriminatory and causing great trauma among students and parents.  The NM PED is spending millions of dollars to teach our children to hate each other, and to believe in gender nonsense that makes them unmarketable (and useless) in the real world.  Return to a “1776 Constitutional” curriculum.    V/RRick Reynaud, P.E.Lifelong LC resident575-312-0439


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