Pro-Palestine Ceasefire Resolution PULLED From City Council Agenda

At Monday’s City Council meeting, two good things happened:

  • The Mayor made a motion to remove the divisive pro-Palestinian resolution from the meeting agenda. This passed with only Councilor Corran and Mayor Pro Tem Bencomo in opposition.
  • $1.1 million funding for the Real Time Crime Center was passed unanimously.

THANKS to the many of you who emailed, attended, or spoke at City Council about these topics! Your efforts made a difference!

As a result of the City Council voting to remove the ceasefire resolution from the agenda, pro-Palestinian protestors erupted into angry screaming about genocide and “Viva Palestina.” They continued to disrupt the meeting until told to leave by LCPD.

Meanwhile, many other attendees remained calm and waited their chance to make public comments that the City Council should never have even considered this divisive resolution.

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Local news coverage of the ceasefire resolution removal and protest:

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