RE: last meeting Legislative pre-session

I can say this about that. You would need a whole team of people working day and night to keep track of the number of bills that have been filed for any given 60 day session.
That’s one reason why Betty Bishop was so instrumental when she was working up at Santa Fe during the sessions. She and a few others were keeping track of several bills.

The other problem is that despite the number of bills, these are constantly undergoing revisions. It’s almost impossible to figure out who has made what change to what law since it was first introduced. This nightmare becomes especially maddening when you consider whether to vote on a bill or not. You might have known what was in a previous revision, but not how it has been altered to either make it even worse or to lessen some of the worst impacts. Like these HB 101 bill that is going hard after gun rights. Magazine size matters. Also another bill was going after all semi-automatic rifles, guns, and pistols.
How many police have weapons capable of firing greater than 10 rounds in a clip?
But this is only a few of the bills. There are likely hundreds of dangerous bills being considered.


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