Republican Bi-annual convention and election of Leaders

Dear Folks,I am being inundated with requests from candidates to vote for them tomorrow at the Bi-Annual Republican Convention.
There is one thing, and one thing only I would like you to consider, and that is who you are going to vote for in regards to the Chairman position of the Party. I see that we have four individuals running for Chairman and I am sure they are all competent people. Two of them are virtual unknown’s who have not been seen around the Republican Party Headquarters or at meetings and few people have any idea as to who they even are.Mercedes Hollister is a fine woman who’s role as head of the Hispanic Cultural Center is paramount to our reaching Hispanics in Dona Ana County. She does a great job there and that is where she could BEST serve our community and the Republican Party of Dona Ana County.In my Humble opinion, and looking at ALL the factors that need to be considered in the Elections for tomorrow as to WHO is best qualified and suited to Chair the Party for the Next TWO VERY IMPORTANT YEARS I find that person to be Henry Young. I know that no matter what you think of him, Henry Young has the Contacts across the County and Knows the Major Players in the County that will benefit the Party. He has the respect of the Mayor and City Manager and Church Pastors around the County. He has the experience that years within the Party and serving in various positions has brought him. He has the leadership skills necessary to enable the CCC to take charge and run the party as the rules say. He is already planning to open the Party up to the General Public to have them meet with all of us so we can continue to build the Party into what it can be, and recruit new members. The efforts of David Tofsted and Kim Skaggs to build the Party cannot be wasted. Henry has the Organization Skills as director of the Gospel Mission to build on what they have created and make us even better. He has the skills to raise the funds we need to help future candidates compete with the Democrats for positions of authority within our County. Who better can do this job? None of the other candidates for Chairman have the background or skills needed to be the Chairman.
SO, please consider all the facts and skills of the individuals running tomorrow and weed out those that do not have enough experience under their belts to run this Party. Vote for Henry Young so we can have a Chairman who will lead us in turning Dona Ana County Red in 2024!
Thank you,
Michael S. PottsMember of the CCC of Dona Ana CountyCitizen at Large


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