Response to your video (Councilor Bencomo)

From: Jody Kincaid<[email protected]>
Date: On Sat, Jul 8, 2023 at 21:26
Subject: Fw: Response to your video
To: Johana Bencomo <[email protected]>
Cc: Juan Garcia <[email protected]>
Ms Bencomo, I was not going to follow up on our interchange last Monday but your cheeky little video deserves a reply. Our government was founded by men of many religions and professions, both black and white, that were all intellectually far above the standards we expect of our elected officials today. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are outstanding pieces of political theory that are unmatched in history. The Founding Fathers should be a source of pride to all Americans. For you to raise your brows like a preteen listening to a lecture from your parents is disingenuous and disrespectful . You allegedly have a degree in ‘government’  but if you disparage the basis of our constitutional system it would make one wonder how much you actually retained from your education. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution when you took office. Do you actually think that our present day situation somehow negates the basic premises of our government? Property rights are basic to our freedom- as I read to the council the Supreme Court affirmed that if ‘government’ allows property to be seized (to include failure of government to protect property rights of individuals) the people are no better than slaves. When you (as a council member) support letting an offender walk because they caused less damage than $1000 you are stripping your voting base, the honest citizens, of their right to protection in exchange for the taxes they pay. I have listened to you bubbling over the opportunity to help the homeless at your interfaith council meetings, but you never gush over the opportunities to support the hardworking business owners of Las Cruces. You (and other council members) don’t want to be called uncaring but the priorities demonstrated in your actions and policy decisions make one wonder what part of our community you care for most. I would suggest that you restudy the Constitution and the classic liberal writers on the responsibility of government.    Regarding your injection of the ‘slave owner’ consideration, the specious nature of that irrelevant statement is offensive to me as I tried to present a rational basis for some of the public comments which I anticipated would be made. The intellectual dishonesty of a diversionary tactic such as that , coupled with your mocking expressions on your video make you look like you were trying to mimic AOC. If you want that, be aware that, like her , you may come across as a intellectually challenged buffoon.  Very sincerely, Jody Kincaid DVM ND


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