School Safety and Academic Preparedness

Every time we throw stones at public education and then turn around and send our children right back into it, it creates unbelievable stress in the child which easily leads to a deterioration in physical and mental health and rejection of trust in the parents values. If you are afraid for their safety they equally become afraid themselves as that little voice says “if it is dangerous and not providing what I need why are you sending me there?”.

Children rebel against hypocrisy. We need to get honest with ourselves with respect to the image we are building in their developing minds. Beyond being the free daycare for all, public education is failing our children so why do we continue to subject them to it? That is the question a real mental health professional would ask. I ponder how parents answer it?

One never really knows the quality of their parenting until they watch their children raise their own children. Scary thought because there is no rewind in life.

Rob Wood


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