SEL 8th grade curriculum, the 2nd Step Program, review by Utah Parents

Good morning all:  As a parent I believe this is timely information on SEL:  

At Las Cruces Public Schools, State ESSR funds which stipulated the implementation of SEL were accepted.  SEL is asking teachers to become psychologists in large uncontrolled non-clinical settings, without proper training.  And all the while SEL continues to vilify white people.  

The executive summary and full review of the Utah 8th grade SEL program are attached.

Or if you prefer, here are the links:  


Full Review:

Utah Parents United intro video:
I cannot sit idly by while the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s and MLK are casually tossed into the cafeteria-dumpster by NM PED, LCPS and NMSU.  Ms. Dora Luchini-Lucero was correct, CLR, CRT, SEL are clear Civil Rights violations.  She had a 25 year career as a Civil Rights investigator for the State of Kansas, and who among you can dispute her credentials or analysis?  V/RRick Reynaud


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