The 2023 Session is Over- Gun Control

At noon today, the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session came to a close. Only one bill, HB9, passed. See below for more details on that bill. All the other anti-gun bills we were fighting against died. That list includes proposed bans on magazines and guns, waiting periods, age restrictions, FFL and gun manufacturer civil liability, and the polling place gun ban. Thank you to everyone who spoke out against these bills. There were a number of Republican, and some Democrat, legislators who fought hard for our rights in Santa Fe and we thank them.

We are now preparing for the possibility of a special session focused on anti-gun legislation. NMSSA has already begun to prepare for such a session. If there is one, it is likely to be short, as special sessions have been in the past. To maximize our voice during a potential special session on gun bills, we will be holding a rally in Santa Fe during the special session if the governor calls one. Please continue to watch for our alerts for news of a possible special session. 

HB9: This bill is the one that passed and was signed by the governor. This bill will charge a gun owner with a misdemeanor if a third-party minor uses their firearm to threaten or injure someone. There is a felony charge for the gun owner if a third-party minor uses their firearm to kill someone. The bill, in its final version, does not specify how a firearm must be stored, but instead allows for the method of storage be used as a defense for a gun owner charged with a crime under the bill.


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