“then having no consequence for that,”

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Engage the Dona Ana County Clerk and ask her to define ” consequences”….. [email protected]

This from the LC Sun 23 August 2022

Doña Ana County Clerk Amanda López Askin, a Democrat, said she believes misinformation is the biggest thing currently imperiling voter access.

“I think one of the biggest threats to democracy right now are election deniers that continue to beat the drum of fraud without offering anything and then having no consequence for that,” the clerk said. “And the consequence for people who are on the fence about participating anyway, hear them and are taking what they say seriously.”

Regardless of what side one is on the issues facing elections, the CC needs to be challenged on what she means by then having no consequence for that.   Define “consequences”. Jail, arrest, fines?? What is she advocating? We should always try to be factual and avoid misinformation, conspiracies, etc…but where do you draw the line on public comments/opinions? Are there consequences to the destructive comments (by the media, elected officials and activists) regarding this nation being a “systemic racist nation”?   Repeated over and over. How much damage has that done? Is someone going to liable for the divisiveness this is causing the nation?



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