URGENT: C19 Shots for NM Kids Being Decided SOON

Dear New Mexicans,WILL YOU PLEASE GIVE 5 MINUTES TO STAND UP FOR NM KIDS? The NM Vaccine Advisory Committee apparently met on Thursday November 3rd, with no public notice, to discuss adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required vaccinations for NM children. If COVID-19 vaccines are added to the list of required immunizations, then NM children would be required to either receive these shots or obtain an exemption.The final decision of whether to require COVID-19 vaccines for children is now in the hands of the NM Health Secretary, Dr. David Scrase (who is a Geriatric Medicine Specialist with no career history in pediatrics or epidemiology).   5-MINUTES TO HELPPlease contact the NM Health Secretary, Dr. David Scrase, to urge him NOT to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required immunizations for NM children. ???  Dr Scrase’s email address: [email protected] General NM Department of Health Phone Number: (505) 827-2613  Some suggested talking points are below. Your email/phone call will be most effective if:-it is relatively short,-it is polite, firm, and non-aggressive, and -you adapt the text in your own words.  Suggested Talking PointsPlease do not add COVID-19 vaccines to the list of required immunizations for NM children. COVID-19 illness is very mild for children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, only 0.7% of child COVID-19 cases result in hospitalization, and children have a 99.99% survival rate from COVID19. Over 75% of children have already contracted COVID-19 and now have natural immunity to the illness.Over 150 studies have shown that natural immunity is equal to or more robust than vaccine-induced immunity. COVID-19 vaccines are known to increase the risk for heart inflammation and other health problems.Long-term impacts of COVID-19 vaccines on children’s health, development, and fertility are not yet known since the clinical trials are still ongoing.  For instance, the Pfizer clinical trials for children will not be completed until May 2024 and the Moderna clinical trials for children will not be completed until November 2023. COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent either contracting or spreading the virus. Therefore, being vaccinated does not protect others from catching the illness. The state of Florida has been recommending against COVID-19 vaccines for healthy children since March 2023, and has recently also recommended against mRNA vaccines for males 18-39 years old due to an 84% increased incidence of cardiac-related deaths in the month following vaccination.The United Kingdom is no longer offering COVID vaccine boosters to healthy children under age 16yo (unless they are high-risk), and is not recommending booster shots for people under age 50 (unless they are high-risk).Denmark is no longer recommending COVID vaccines for people under age 50 years old (unless they are high-risk): Norway is no longer recommending COVID shots for people under age 65 (unless they are high-risk). 
Thank you for your advocacy for the health of NM children, Sarah, Melanie, and KarenNew Mexico Freedoms AllianceNational Coalition for Health Integrity


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