Vote No LC GO Bonds + State Constitutional Amendts on Ballot

Dear Las Crucens,
See below ??? for information about a couple important items on the November 8th Voting Ballot:Proposed statewide Constitutional Amendment related to Early Childhood EducationProposed Las Cruces Bond related to Affordable HousingNOTE 1: If you want info about ALL of the Constitutional Amendments and Las Cruces Bonds on the ballot, go here:

NOTE 2: Let me know if you want me to send you my perspective on candidates in the NM Governor’s election, which was sent to my personal private email list.

Early Childhood Education Constitutional Amendment

The ballot text for Constitutional Amendment 1 (related to early childhood education) is missing some important information that voters need to be aware of.Although NM has the nation’s worst education system, more money is not the solution. The state is currently unable to spend the money that is already available for education. “We have more money than we need,” Patricia Lundstrom, Chair, House Appropriations and Finance and Legislative Finance Committees. 8/26/21The Land Grant Permanent Fund is an important part of our state’s wealth.  If this Constitutional Amendment is passed, it will allow the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund to be depleted over time and could eventually exhaust the fund. Currently, the Land Grant Permanent Fund has 5% being pulled out yearly, which is the most that is recommended by economists in order to keep this fund viable.  The proposed Constitutional Amendment would increase the amount being pulled out to 6.25%.For these reasons, I personally will be voting against this Constitutional Amendment.


Las Cruces Affordable Housing Bond

The $6,000,000 Affordable Housing Bond on the Las Cruces ballot can be used for more homeless housing projects like the Desert Hope Housing Project.  People living near the Desert Hope Affordable Housing Project are experiencing a sharp increase in crime and other problems since the Project was opened in August of 2021.
 Residents and business owners near Desert Hope are suffering from break-ins, trespassing, property theft and damage, people urinating and defecating near homes and businesses, threats of physical harm, sexual harassment, panhandling (sometimes aggressive), finding used drug needles lying around, etc.
 Members of the City Council have freely admitted that the Affordable Housing Bond can be used for more homeless housing. Here is a video of Councilor Graham about this:
Here is a recent Public Comment I gave about what is currently happening at the Desert Hope housing project as well as in the nearby neighborhood:
 YOUR VOTE COUNTS, so please vote in-person on November 8th. Because the City Council will not put any restrictions against using the $6,000,000 Affordable Housing Funds for more homeless housing projects, I personally will be voting against this Bond. 

I hope this information is helpful,

Standing with you in solidarity,
Sarah Smith
Free People of the Southwest – local action
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance – statewide action 


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