We can’t let them force this on children

FROM THE DESK OF CHLOE COLE Dear Friend,My name is Chloe.
You don’t know me but I’m hoping you saw me on Fox News talking to Tucker Carlson.There are lots of powerful people who don’t want my story to get out, so I’m so grateful that Mr. Carlson had me on as a guest.Tucker Calson Screenshot
I guess I’m what you’d call a “cautionary tale.”You see, I’m one of those girls who was deceived by the transgender movement.I’m 18 years old now but here is a picture of what I looked like before the transgender movement got me. And one from after — when they had turned me into a “boy.”
Chloe before TransitioningBefore transitioningChloe after transitioningAfter transitioning
Even though we don’t know each other, I’m writing you today hoping you’ll help me stop the horror of what happened to me, from happening to other children and their parents.It all started when I was 11 years old and growing up in Northern California. I was growing embarrassed and confused once my body started changing.I was also shy and didn’t socialize easily – and I didn’t feel comfortable talking about any of this with my parents.But I found ‘friends’ on the internet who told me if I was uncomfortable with my body, I was probably a boy trapped in the wrong body.And the more I agreed with them, the more they celebrated me.I was getting the message loud and clear: if I was a girl who became a boy, I’d be valued and loved even more.Before long I was telling my parents I was transgender.They had no idea what to do.My poor parents were scared and desperate and took me to “experts” who convinced them that if they failed to act quickly, I would surely commit suicide.The gender clinic gave my parents an ultimatum: “Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?”Given those choices, my parents would have signed anything the doctors put in front of them if it meant “saving” me. When they signed those forms, it wasn’t informed parental consent. It was a desperate decision made under extreme duress.And so, at age 13, I was fast-tracked for medical transition from a girl into a boy.Will you help me fight so these radical doctors and hospitals can’t prey on another scared, confused, lonely child like they did me?The doctors started giving me weekly testosterone injections…they injected me with an experimental drug used to chemically castrate sex offenders……and finally, they removed my breasts in a radical double mastectomy.I was fifteen years old.And of course, none of this made me any happier or less confused.If you’re like most people I tell my story to… right about now you’re probably thinking, “HOW did it ever get this far?”And the answer is simple.The “experts” lied to my parents — and to me — every step of the way.They claimed I would never get “better” unless I medically transitioned – when the truth is that the vast majority of children who think they’re transgender grow out of it with absolutely no chemical or surgical intervention.They claimed their consent forms covered all the risks of pumping testosterone and puberty blockers into my 13-year-old body……while their forms left out dozens and dozens of known risks.They never told us that there isn’t one single scientific study on the effects these treatments have on young children.And they never, ever, were straight with me about what it would mean to let them remove my breasts.When I woke up from that surgery, I was shocked at how mangled my body was. And now years after the surgery, I still wear bandages every day to cover the oozing, unhealed scars.At age 18, I’m just beginning to understand what it will mean to never nurse my child — if I’ll ever be able to have children at all.For the rest of my life, my voice will sound like a man’s, my body will look like a boy’s, and who knows what cancers, cardiac problems, bone problems, and more are lurking around the corner.And my parents feel like they’ve failed me on every level imaginable.I can’t go back. I can’t change what happened.But I can change what happens to the THOUSANDS of kids just like me who are falling prey to the predatory transgender movement and unscrupulous abusive medical “experts.” And YOU can help me.More and more children are mutilated and abused every day.There’s even a doctor who advertises her mutilation surgeries on TikTok to draw young kids in.And it won’t stop until someone fights back.When I turned 18, I decided that someone would be me. I had no idea how I would do it, but I’d seen enough T.V. to know I needed a lawyer.I also didn’t know how hard it would be to find someone willing to take my case in liberal California. didn’t even know what a liberal was until they started slamming doors in my face!Finally, someone told me to call Harmeet Dhillon at the Center for American Liberty.
And the first time we spoke, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time — hope.Because Harmeet is a fighter like me.She didn’t tell me we’d never win against the giant medical industry.She didn’t tell me the transgender issue was too sensitive to touch.She told me my fight mattered.Chloe Cole Protest
Not only because of what had happened to me — but also because we could STOP it from happening to other children.And so together with Harmeet Dhillon’s non-profit — the Center for American Liberty — I’ve launched a case against the radical doctors and hospital who preyed on me……and who continue to prey on children — maybe even in your family.As I’ve mentioned several times — I’m 18-years-old.On my own, I’d never have the money to pay for a giant court case like this.That’s one of the ways these radicals are taking over everything. They know regular people like me don’t have the money to fight them in court.But that’s exactly why Harmeet started the Center for American Liberty.The Center for American Liberty brings together attorneys who want to fight for what’s right and matches them with people like me who would have had nowhere else to turn.Right now, the Center for American Liberty has landmark cases going like:Brach v. Newsom — to stop California from shutting down private and religious schools…Ngo v. Roce City Antifa — to get justice for Andy Ngo after he was beaten by Antifa thugs and liberal politicians did NOTHING…O’Handley v. Padilla — to stop Big Government from using Big Tech to silence people they disagree with…And now my case… Chloe Cole v. Kaiser Permanente.The Center for American Liberty is a nonprofit. They have big cases but that doesn’t mean they have the big money that their opponents have.That’s why I hope you’ll consider helping us by rushing back a small tax-deductible donation of $25 or more.There are big forces at work who want to get rich no matter who they hurt.Alone we’re no match for them.But if everyone I’m writing to can contribute just $25, or if you’re able, maybe more — $35, $50, $75, $100, $200, or even $500, we can beat these monsters who are using scared, confused and lonely children to make a buck.For exposing them, I’ve been called a “liar.” I’ve even been told de-transitioners like me don’t exist.But when we beat them in court and stop them from hurting any more children with their lies and mutilations,I will be proud to face them and say:“You may have taken away my childhood, and forever changed my future — but I exist. I exist.”Thank you for reading this letter from a complete stranger. I hope I can call you a friend now.And thank you for whatever help you can send to the Center for American Liberty. Whether it’s $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, $200, or even $500 or more… every bit moves us closer to stopping these monsters.
Thank you,Chloe Cole
Chloe Cole ProtestP.S. This is a photo of me now. It’s been a long, painful road but I’m finding happiness and purpose as I fight to make sure what happened to me NEVER happens to another child. Please help me with your tax-deductible gift of $25 or more. Thank you so much for your help. –Chloe


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