LETTER TO THE COUNCIL – American Paralysis and Decline

Mayor and City Councilors,

Good Morning,
As we step into another City Council meeting today these thoughts should be forefront in our minds.
Rob Wood
Excerpt from “American Paralysis and Decline” by Victor Davis Hansen 2/29/24 
……The crime epidemic is also similar. Everyone accepts that no society can long endure quasi-legalized shoplifting or green-lighting smash-and-grabbers and carjackers to be released without bail.
But we assume that such a civilizational implosion will never reach our own sanctuary neighborhoods or safe places of work—at least not yet.

 We also know that restoring deterrence by arresting, convicting, and jailing repeat felons will return safety to our streets.

 But again, we fear even more that advocating “law and order” will earn slanders like “racist” or “reactionary.” Ditto the homeless. In an age of self-congratulation and hyper-environmentalism, we know that a million homeless defecating, urinating, injecting, and assaulting on our downtown sidewalks and storefronts is medieval. We know that it is illegal to camp out on the street and publicly harass citizens or relieve oneself in public. And we know the cure lies in building and staffing more mental institutions and providing areas far from public spaces where the homeless can find shelter, sanitation, and medical care.

But the very idea of removing anyone from his accustomed sidewalk spot, or the notion of the use of force to transport the mentally ill to proper and humane facilities, terrifies us. So we walk around, step over, and ignore those on the street.
Societies do not always collapse from a lack of wealth, invasion, or natural catastrophes. 

Most often, they know what is destroying them. But they are so paralyzed by their fear that the road to salvation becomes too painful even to contemplate. So they implode gradually, then suddenly.


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