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Our Leadership

Juan Garcia

I legally immigrated with my parents at the age of 5, dropped out from High School at 17, served 25 years in the US Marine Corps, and recently retired as a DoD contractor. I have a strong Nationalistic view-as defined ‘identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests‘, shaped by a solid Christian, conservative Hispanic upbringing and career in the Corps.  Race, ethnicity and victimhood are not factors in my life. We all bleed the same color- red. Hard work, merit and positive support, when needed, are the key contributors to my success. I am a strong believer in “God, Country and Family. “

Julie Pfau

“I have been a strong, life-long conservative whose first ever vote was for Ronald Reagan. Though born and raised in the South, I’ve lived on the east and west coasts and have travelled to 25 nations around the world. I love freedom rooted in the ideals of our Constitution, Democracy as foreseen by our Founding Fathers and the building blocks of biblical values for healthy communities. 

“My background has been in missions serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for two decades.  In this role, we trained young people for overseas missions.  My husband and I currently run a business and I work part-time for a local Las Cruces company. 

“I have devoted time to volunteering in the communities I have lived especially with the homeless, seniors, children and local churches.  I truly love giving back to the places I call home.   

“My family and I moved to Las Cruces in 2020 from Los Angeles and LOVE IT!  It is my heart’s desire to be proactive for positive and transformative change in this beautiful city for traditional values that I believe bring about happy, safe and thriving communities.  CCIA provides that platform for me.”

Bev Courtney
2nd Vice-Chair

“My family moved to Las Cruces in 1992 for my husband’s work at NASA’s Tracking Site.

“I home schooled our kids all the way through high school. I could see that the school system was degrading morally, not only out of touch with my Christian values, but teaching destructive doctrines that war against our freedom and cause our children to practice sexual promiscuity. Homeschooling was my best accomplishment. Two of my kids graduated with degrees from NMSU and Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine as well as UNM. My youngest is attending ENMU.

“After I finished teaching I actively worked in a variety of civic organizations, foremost was Founder and Former President of American Gun Culture Club and past president of Las Cruces Tea Party. I also ran for local offices to influence our government to stay true to the rule of law and the founding of our nation. No other form of government has given people such freedom and prosperity as the US Constitution; we cannot give up “Liberty and Justice for All”. And now I enjoy working with CCIA. In part because they are non-partisan which I’m tired of, but more than that, a lot of fine people are engaged.

“My personal business encompasses teaching concealed carry for the State of New Mexico. I recently passed my insurance exam and will be working to support 2A through selling gun owners insurance specific to their needs.

“All along the way I have exposed and advocated for election integrity. Without free and fair elections, we might well become a socialist country. We must continue to pursue the laws that have protected the integrity of our vote and expose any subversive party and politicians.”

Rick Reynaud
3rd Vice-Chair

“I am a lifelong Las Cruces resident, from a large family.  I attended Catholic and public schools here, and later graduated from NMSU with a degree in Engineering.  I am retired from White Sands Missile Range, and now run a small business.  I have always followed local politics, and have noticed our political climate became partisan.  My family was once faithful John Kennedy democrats, but even he would not be allowed in that party now. 

“What led me to action includes the discovery of Critical Race Theory content in LCPS and NMSU; a series of untrustworthy local elections (and the 2020 general election); and witnessing the County Commission and City Council impose punishing Covid-19 mandates on local businesses.  I believe it is time for the community to stand up for true local values and make their voices heard.”

Joan Scherer

Joan E. Scherer grew up in Pasadena, MD, and has lived in CA, FL and Santa FE, NM, and is currently a resident of Las Cruces, NM for the past 20+ years. She is self employed as a Certified Pension Consultant with over 50 years in the actuarial field.  Her story with CCIA begins after learning that several of her neighbors’ votes had been stolen during the November 2020 Presidential election.  The lack of trust in the integrity of our voting system thus began to grow and she realized there was more to learn.  Concern as well as something close to both fear and anger began to take hold when in mid-2021, a friend recommended a group with like-minded people who shared her concerns, CCIA. You’ll find her involved with the audits, movie nights, straw polls, speaking to the County Commissioners, letter campaigns, and trying to bring CCIA to the attention of others who are looking to make a difference in the direction in which our country appears to be heading.

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