Our Leadership

Juan Garcia

I legally immigrated with my parents at the age of 5, dropped out from High School at 17, served 25 years in the US Marine Corps, and recently retired as a DoD contractor. I have a strong Nationalistic view-as defined ‘identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests‘, shaped by a solid Christian, conservative Hispanic upbringing and career in the Corps.  Race, ethnicity and victim hood are not factors in my life. We all bleed the same color- red. Hard work, merit and positive support, when needed, are the key contributors to my success. I am a strong believer in “God, Country and Family. “

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Sarah Smith
1st Vice-Chair

I’m 1st Vice Chairman of the Coalition of Conservatives in Action and co-leader for the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (a non-partisan statewide grassroots coalition). I am also a homeschooling mother of two teens, natural healthcare practitioner, and former NASA aerospace engineer.

I’ve been heavily involved in advocacy efforts in New Mexico since the lockdown began in 2020. I never previously had any desire to get involved in politics or activism, but once I saw what was happening to our state and country under tyrannical leadership, I felt a strong call to get involved in restoring the legacy and liberty that our country was built upon.

I am dedicated to protecting and restoring freedoms for the well-being of today’s children and the generations to come.

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Beth Bousquet
2nd Vice Chair

Hi friends!

Let me quickly introduce myself. A longtime conservative, Navy Veteran (Corpsman), married 18 yrs to Robert, avid reader of non-fiction and current events with strong roots in Missouri and you pronounce my last name ‘Boo Skay.’ Being new —I’ll be learning —so bare with me as I become more familiar with the role of 2nd Vice Chair. I only want to enhance what is already in place for the leadership team.

Started attending CCIA in February after it became painfully obvious that change isn’t going to happen from my living-room couch.  I watched as ideologies and poor laws were enacted that do nothing -long term- to adequately help citizens, cities or states. I see corruption and contempt in ‘leaders’ who are self-serving and un-wise and who don’t respect the foundational, historical tenets of the US.  Changing or helping to drive local policy changes will be the most effective way as a citizen to attempt to course correct.  So, I believe individual citizens have a duty to ‘start small and local’.

I believe we must stop being the ‘silent, hidden citizens’ that worry and complain over what we see streaming from the television every night. We must be unafraid to defend conservative values yet be willing to compromise to effect change.

God has put us all here for a reason and a time such as this. We’re witnessing amazing events as the world’s population is moving and shifting. We may not like what we see – but it’s happening — and until control or motivations change in Washington DC we’re the citizens who it most directly effects and we must be willing to voice how this ‘new America’ should be shaped.

Whether it is with Education, Election Integrity, Faith or Crime and Public Policy I encourage you to please get involved and talk to your friends about CCIA. Our voices may start small but, as a group, we can make BIG noise to help influence the future of Las Cruces and NM.

Thanks for the support and ‘see you at the meetings!!

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Steve Coletti
3rd Vice-Chair

Steve is a lifelong conservative who recently got fed up enough with the attacks on our way of life, that he was motivated to get involved.  Professionally, Steve manages the Linde Gas & Equipment Fill Plant in Las Cruces.  Personally, Steve has been married to his wife Jeanette for 31 years and they have 3 children, Garrett, Bethany, and Aimee who they homeschooled through High School and are now helping through college at NMSU.  In addition to his involvement with the CCIA, he attends The Church of St. Clement in El Paso, where is serves on the Vestry and teaches 2nd grade and Jr. High Sunday school, and leads a small group.  He is also a Leader and shooting sports coach with 4-H.  Steve says, “It is truly an honor to serve in leadership with the CCIA.”

Joan Scherer

Joan E. Scherer grew up in Pasadena, MD, and has lived in CA, FL and Santa FE, NM, and is currently a resident of Las Cruces, NM for the past 20+ years. She is self employed as a Certified Pension Consultant with over 50 years in the actuarial field.  Her story with CCIA begins after learning that several of her neighbors’ votes had been stolen during the November 2020 Presidential election.  The lack of trust in the integrity of our voting system thus began to grow and she realized there was more to learn.  Concern as well as something close to both fear and anger began to take hold when in mid-2021, a friend recommended a group with like-minded people who shared her concerns, CCIA. You’ll find her involved with the audits, movie nights, straw polls, speaking to the County Commissioners, letter campaigns, and trying to bring CCIA to the attention of others who are looking to make a difference in the direction in which our country appears to be heading.

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Lisa Brown

“I was born in Portland, Oregon, but have lived in New Mexico since I was one year old having lived in Roswell, NM for seven years and Ruidoso through my Senior year in High School.  I attended college in Abilene, TX for two years and moved back to Ruidoso. I moved to Las Cruces in 1981 and have lived here since.  I am now a single mother of three:  Son Seth, Daughter Chelsi, and Daughter Shaina, and a grandmother of three. I have been retired from New Mexico State University going on two years having worked in Athletics with the Women’s Basketball and Volleyball coaches as their Administrative Assistant for almost 19 years. 

“I’ve always voted conservative and have been interested in current events, learning through Biblical news source and am quite disturbed by the direction of this great nation.  Therefore, looking for a way to make a change in my community, starting with myself, I was told about CCIA through Debbie Schultz and started, along with my sister, Kathy, attending the meetings.  I became aware that CCIA needed a secretary, so I expressed an interest and am now serving in that capacity.  By being involved with CCIA, its members, guests, and guest speakers, I am finding I can make a change by one small voice to city government expressing my concerns about the disturbing direction my city has taken. With pertinent information offered on the CCIA website and knowledgeable leadership, helping make a difference is everything.”

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