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Elected Officials

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Doña Ana County Board of County Commissioners

County Commissioner District 1
Lynn Ellins
575-525-5808 (o), 575-386-9874 (c)[email protected]
County Commissioner District 2
Diana Murillo-Trujillo (vice-chair)
575-525-5804 (o), 575-202-1454 (c)[email protected]
County Commissioner District 3
Shannon Reynolds
575-525-5807 (o), 575-339-5819 (c)[email protected]
County Commissioner District 4
Susana Chaparro
575-525-5810 (o), 575-202-1284 (c)[email protected]
County Commissioner District 5
Manuel Sanchez (chair)
575-525-5809 (o), 575-386-9815 (c)[email protected]

City of Las Cruces City Council

Ken Miyagishima
575-541-2067[email protected]
District 1 Councilor
Kasandra Gandara
575-541-2066[email protected]
District 2 Councilor
Tessa Abeyta-Stuve
575-541-2066[email protected]
District 3 Councilor
Becki Graham
575-541-2066[email protected]
District 4 Councilor
Johana Bencomo
575-541-2066[email protected]
District 5 Councilor
Becky Corran
575-541-2066[email protected]
District 6 Councilor
Yvonne Flores
575-541-2066[email protected]

Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education

President Ray Jaramillo (District 1)[email protected]
Secretary Pamela Cort (District 2)[email protected]
Member Robert Wofford (District 3)575-644-9612rwofford1@lcps.net
Vice-President Teresa Tenorio (District 4)575-652-4500[email protected]
Member Carol Cooper (District 5)575-644-1790[email protected]
Superintendent Ralph Ramos 575-527-5805[email protected]

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