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ACTION Committees

CCIA’s Action Committee’s are where our collective conservative values are translated into real action. CCIA is an IN ACTION organization that educates on issues in order that citizens are inspired to engage their local officials to demand reforms they believe are best for their community. We are not a social club. In these committees, Educate > Engage > Reform happens. We encourage you to join a team and contribute to a level that best suits your schedule, talents and skills and work with others to change those things you cannot change alone.

Election Integrity Action Committee

Leader: Joan Scherer Email: [email protected]
Election “integrity” is a term that identifies laws and procedures that safeguard the privacy and security of ballots for all American voters. This is something our elected officials take an oath to uphold.
They vow to ensure the legal right of all Americans to vote in a free and fair election without concerns that their political voice would be diminished by individual or institutional fraud, physical or verbal intimidation, vote trafficking, ballot manipulation, voting by non-citizens, or any political activism that alters, coerces, or negates a citizen’s vote.
CCIA’s Election Integrity team directly challenges and engages local and state officials holding them accountable to implement and execute free and fair elections. This includes educating the public, organizing audits, election oversight, poll challengers and ballot monitoring.
In addition, the Election Integrity team is active throughout election cycles to support and bolster qualified candidates on ballots while using CCIA’s platform to educate on local issues and provide maximum exposure for all candidates. In doing so, we see it our civic duty in truly representing the citizens throughout the city and county .

Crime & Public Policy Action Committee

Leader: Julia Ruiz Email: [email protected]

In recent years, the crime rate including, violent crime, has risen at alarming rates in Las Cruces. We know the devastating harm of high crime just by looking at Chicago, Los Angeles or closer to home, Albuquerque. High crime societies endanger every citizen, plummets property values and economies, close small businesses, increases drug and addictions and fosters a cloud of fear over its citizens.  And yet, our elected officials continue their “soft on crime” policies, no bail release and refusal to hold repeat offenders behind bars.  
Terror attacks continue on our small businesses forcing them to pay out of pocket to recover from the vicious criminal attacks. CCIA’s Crime & Public Policy team confronts boldly, government and judicial officials to take seriously law and order in our streets, putting the safety of Las Crucians as the top priority. Deterrence, consequences and responsibility have to be part of the crime solution. 
This team is highly effective through direct engagement with the City Council & County Commission, the Judiciary, public advertising and giving a voice to victims of the Las Cruces crime element.  We will continue to advocate for small businesses who have been victimized by crime.



Abortion is not a “just moral issue” but is policy one. CCIA is passionate about the sanctity of life and in this post Roe v Wade era the battle has just begun in policy to do away with this scourge and attack on defenseless babies. NM is moving towards codifying the right to kill unborn babies. CCIA collaborates with established and effective Pro-Life organizations whose work targets laws/policy, advocacy and support of the brave mothers who choose life.  This is truly a life and death fight and generations who have been lost to this genocide. We cannot stop!!

Faith Outreach Action Committee

Leader: VACANT

Like many communities, Las Cruces is filled with houses of worship. It’s literally “a church on every corner…”  Most are packed with God-fearing, liberty loving, family centered, America first conservatives and do powerful work in our communities. However, if awoken to the call of civic responsibility, they are a mighty force against the “woke” agenda that seeks to dismantle everything great about this land established “Under God.” All faiths are united against crime, woke education and attempts to manipulate election results.
There is a divide between what is spiritual and what is secular and civic duty has fallen into the latter category. A startling case in point, 90 million US Christians are eligible to vote but 40 million do NOT vote. 15 million are not even registered. Imagine the impact on this nation if every Christian voted?? 
The Faith Outreach team is committed to pray, educate, and outreach all people of faith in Las Cruces, regardless of faith or religion to rally for this call to civic duty to bravely support and take action for conservative values outside the church, synagogue or mosque walls. In this cancel, censured, partisan culture it is a bold stand to be openly conservative. We believe there is an army to be awakened in the houses of worship in Las Cruces.

Education Action Committee

Leader: VACANT

What happened to 2+2 actually equaled 4 and not racially motivated? When did learning math, science and history center around Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? Are you aware of the intentional indoctrination and sexualization of our kids in public school? Children are not attending public learning institutions but social justice experimentation, woke indoctrination centers designed to train social justice warriors rather than future innovators, educators and leaders.  The “state” commences at K and terminates the total indoctrination of our kids at our universities.
Did you know New Mexico ranks 50th in the US for education proficiency and has a 76% graduation rate of high school seniors. To fix this, the “wise” NM Public Education Dept has proposed reducing graduating requirements. Uh? We are seeing race driven to the core of every curriculum and blatant policies preferring segments of the student body over others. Schools are infringing on parental rights even to the point of supporting abortion services to children without parental consent. Heard enough? 
CCIA’s Education Team is made up of educators, concerned parents and citizens who confront dangerous policies taking over our kid’s education and minds.  It is a multi-pronged approach consisting of sub-committees that confront the LCPS School Board, advocate for parental rights, monitoring of age-appropriate curriculum, lessons and literature, research and education/awareness of parents and the public.

Political Liaison

Leader: Vacant

The Coalition of Conservatives in Actions (CCIA), though not directly involved in selecting or endorsing candidates, provides a platform to allow candidates to develop their message. The Political Liaison works with various organizations to identify and help prepare the best candidates to represent the community. CCIA will support candidate’s focus on learning and understanding local policy issues. We engage with and welcome all candidates regardless of party affiliation.
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