Top Repeat Offenders in Las Cruces

Our criminal justice system is failing those with mental health problems and/or drug addiction.

Many of the repeat offenders in Las Cruces are deemed “incompetent” to stand trial so they are just released back onto the streets, where they commit crime after crime after crime. The New Mexico legislature must enact laws to allow “incompetent” offenders to be directed into treatment, for the good of all.

These are just 18 of the top repeat offenders in Las Cruces. There are many more.

All data is from public records requests,, and

2 Replies to “Top Repeat Offenders in Las Cruces”

  1. Cat Lowe

    It is insane to allow known repeat criminals out on the street! We pay our taxes and do what we can to keep the streets safe. When you ” catch and release” these criminals you are just allowing them to commit more crimes and that includes rape, assault and murder of our children and elderly!!

  2. LMH

    A citizen of New Mexico should not have to live in fear of criminals stealing their car, items from their property, or sneaking around all times of the night and day. I read about thefts and assualts daily on Next Door, getting closer to my neighborhood all the time.
    Now teens have broken into the gun shop and stolen 30 guns. Double murders in Las Cruces.
    We need these laws passed to keep repeat offenders behind bars or sent to mental or drug facilities for rehad.
    Just surviving is tough enought without having to worry about being robbed or killed in your own city.

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