Who we are

We are an ACTION organization of independent, non-partisan, conservative citizens. Our foundation is based on Faith, Family and Freedom.
We believe in, and practice, civil discourse.

We stand firm in upholding our God-given freedoms and rights, demanding Election Integrity through Voter ID (one person/one vote) and engaging all aspects of the Political Process, regardless of Party affiliation. Our focus is to empower our fellow citizens in order to hold ALL elected officials accountable.

Over time, we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by a corrupt government. Some recent NM legislation that have been proposed:

  • Abortion up-to-birth
  • Race based education
  • De funding the police
  • Assisted suicide
  • Legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana- Passed into law
  • In a Fish and Wildlife Penalties Bill (HB 140), Section 2 sneaks in legislation that lessens penalties for child sex crimes

Our Civic duty is to stand up against government overreach and injustices. One nation, united under God.

I encourage you to join us. All are welcome.