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CCIA’s mission is to challenge, engage and hold accountable elected and appointed officials,- City Council, School Board, County Commission, State Senators and Representatives, by educated and informed citizens through civil discourse in order that effective change is realized. We believe that all change begins at the local level. 

Through the Will of God and by critical thinking and merit, not by race, ethnicity, or victimhood, CCIA shall advocate for, give a voice to the unheard and empower citizens at every level of the political process for the advancement and quality of life of our local communities and state.

CCIA Vision

Over time, we have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by a corrupt government.  Our civic duty is to challenge government overreach, hypocrisy, and injustices through civil discourse. CCIA envisions a community where all citizens embrace the duty to ensure that ALL candidates reflecting core American values of freedom, equality and justice are elected to office and hold them accountable and responsible for those values.


CCIA is an America 1st, grassroots, IN-ACTION community advocacy organization. We are a coalition of independent citizens who are non-partisan, non-denominational, color- and identity blind.  All are welcome to join our ranks toward a common goal to IMPROVE or CHANGE OUR COMMUNITY.

As “We the People”, we stand firm in upholding our God-given freedoms and rights through engagement in all aspects of the political process regardless of party affiliation. 

At CCIA’s core and foundation is Faith, Family and Freedom. We hold steadfast the core bedrock American beliefs of:


CCIA’s Focus & Strategy

CCIA consists of (4) Focus Action Committees.  These committees, or action teams, are the “spear heads” of CCIA.  Click the link below to read a full description of each committee’s target mission.

  1. Election Integrity
  2. Faith Outreach
  3. Education
  4. Crime and Public Policy
    1. Pro-Life Initiative

Pick your area of interest and engage.

There is a place for everyone who believes in these Mission, Vision and Values and are ready to ACT!

Annual Membership Dues

We encourage members to contribute a small annual, voluntary membership dues of $25.00 or a donation for basic operational essentials and recruitment. Funds are maintained by the Treasurer and reports to the membership are available. With your donation, you will receive a CCIA New Member Packet, an iron-on patch and a CCIA logo sticker.  Until then, come and be our guest. Voluntary membership dues are NOT a condition of membership. Your time and commitment are what’s important.

CCIA Meeting Location & Times

Attend weekly meetings on:

Thursdays at 6:00pm

at Kitchen Kraft 980 N. Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011

Click below to check CCIA calendar to confirm meeting schedules.

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We encourage you to join our ranks as a member

or support the movement as a guest.


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