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March 12 @ 1:30 pm 3:00 pm

MEETING AGENDA (let me know if anything needs to be added to this agenda)

  • Upcoming policies to be reviewed by school board (see info below)
  • Update on Jody’s parent mentoring project 
  • Update on inappropriate books issue
  • Parents forum for getting more parents involved?
  • Meeting schedule: every two weeks on Tuesdays?
  • Prep for Mar 19 6pm School Board meeting
  • Who will attend to show support?
  • Who will attend to make a public comment


Policies Scheduled for Review by School Board

March 19 / April 2 / April 16

  • JICFA- Bullying, Cyberbullying, Hazing, and Harassment (Tenorio/Cort)
  • JLCG-School Based Health Centers (Cort)
  • JCAA- Redistricting (open)

May 21 / June 4 / June 18

  • KB-Parental Involvement (Tenorio/Open)
  • ECF- Energy & Water Conservation (Wofford/Cort)
  • KHB- Advertising and Marketing (Tenorio/Open)
  • GBGBA-Employee Assault (Tenorio)

For each of these, it would potentially be good to have some members of the EAC review the existing policies to see if there is anything we would like to suggest in the revision/review.  I know that the bullying policy is already being revised based on input from a parents group, but I have not seen the proposed revisions.

Richard F/Beth/Jody have expressed interest in SBHC’s, so it may be a good fit for them to look at that one.  Are there any others on this list that you would specifically be interested in?

Sarah Smith
Las Cruces, NMCoalition of Conservatives in Action (local)
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (statewide)
National Coalition for Health Integrity (national)


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