Christian nationalism

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It just blows my mind how many professed Christians have never taken the time to read the book Christianity is based on. Over and over I have asked for the Biblical passages that support the physical Church offering anything about politics. To me it is obvious that if they have to have their pastor speak on voting with regards to morality the congregants should go home and read the book so time is not wasted doing their homework for them.
In the letters section of the WSJ 24/05/2024:

The Bible According to Trump

Franklin Graham’s (son of Billy Graham) support for the Donald Trump-endorsed Bible is nothing short of blasphemy (“Evangelist Confronts Politics in Religion,” U.S. News, May 13). The inclusion of U.S. founding documents lends itself to the exaggerated charges of Christian nationalism now leveled by progressives. The appearance of adding non-canonical books to scripture cheapens the sanctity of the entire text.


Naples, Fla.

Having at one time worked with the Billy Graham Crusade and now reading over the handbook we used for evangelism I found this thinking to be totally out of line with Franklin Grahams fathers. No where in any of Paul’s letters to all the first Churches is political involvement or nationalistic viewpoint supported or suggested. This idea of Christian nationalism is an absolute distortion of the Truth as found in The Word Of God. There is no such thing as a Christian nation offered in the New Testament especially in light of one thinking God will save America. Any Christian should already know this.



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