Exit Stage Left

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Good Morning Councilor Flores, This letter was specifically to Councilor Bencomo but since you also have played an integral part in the tearing down of Las Cruces with socialist ideas I felt you should also be included and maybe take the same cue. Councilor Bencomo, In reference to your pathetic cry of foul in the Search Light NM article “Death Threats. Harassment. Intimidation”, is it not far more than obvious those that voted you into office are having serious concerns over their choice and are rapidly backpedalling on it? You have wasted millions in taxpayer money on the homeless in a variety of ways, neutered our police department, filled the town with pot shops that have nothing to do (as shown in Oregon and other States) with eradicating drugs or improving the quality of constructive life, and made our city unsafe and visibly filthy for its residents and businesses that are living by the law. Save yourself from the continued grief and just exit stage left now because the displeasure our community holds toward you will do nothing but grow. Your announcement in the article that you will most likely not run will not work in abating the relentless displeasure Las Crucians hold toward you because whoever you support as a replacement just means more of the same. You are the perfect example of so many NM politicians that keep the population uneducated, unhealthy and poor because those types are easier to govern. Rob Wood


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