$3 to Help Save the State

Dear New Mexicans,Will you give $3 to help save our state?The NM Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) has been partnering with Better Together New Mexico (BTNM) in a non-partisan statewide grassroots coalition for more effective action as we work to restore fundamental values across the state. For example, BTNM through BTNM PAC recently helped the NMFA organize and produce materials for a statewide “No MLG” education campaign that has helped us reach thousands of voters around the state! You have probably seen this outreach. We could not have done it so effectively without BTNM.Imagine a New Mexico where people are free to live and work in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Imagine a state where children are given education focusing on the three R’s instead of gender change options, cultural and racial division, and political ideology. And how about neighborhoods that are safe and thriving instead of suffering under increased drug trade, homelessness, and crime? BTNM and NMFA are partnering to make that dream a reality.???CLICK HERE to donate $3 to help BTNM continue its valuable work to restore New Mexico. —————————–WHAT WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED WITH BTNMBy partnering with BTNM, we were able to help stop 90% of the Governor’s agenda during the last legislative session. That means we stopped the Governor’s faulty election Bills, higher gas taxes, and state takeover of our utility companies and community banks.Through BTNM, we’ve been able to send out easy calls to action that made it simple and quick for people to get involved all over the state. Together, we had an unprecedented 300,000+ number of calls and emails to the NM legislature!BTNM is in contact with over 200,000+ people all over the state. Supporting BTNM is one way to maximize the impact of NMFA’s work because it helps us collaborate with other like-minded organizations to reach more New Mexicans. —————————–???2 WAYS TO DONATE $3 TO BTNM, FOR THE GOOD OF THE STATEClick here to donate on the internet.Or, send a check payable to Better Together New Mexico to PO Box 95735, Albuq., NM 87199.Thanks for your continued support as we work to restore our state!
Sincerely,Sarah, Melanie, and Karen


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