memorial day great, but too many no-shows

Hope all was well for your Memorial Day (weekend).Neighbor & myself went to the 8am annual throwing of the reefs into the rio grande.Because of the drought, the river was fully bone dry, not even damp;so the reefs were hung on a peg board instead.The weather was ideal.Families who lost a loved one in war place a reef on the board.It was a moving service;The marine veterans color guard of 13 did the 21 gun salute, taps, marching with flags etc.Some of the presenters and people in seats were crying.Swans were released from a cage at the right time, very touching.Next we all went down the road to hillcrest cemetary for another annual ceremony.The vets like having it there as to vets park because so many vets are buried at hillcrest.Anyways, though ive been to hillcrest many times, i didnt realize how massive the area is;they added new areas of burials as its growing; i walked the entire area; planted a flag.We all took turns mentioning about a relative that served.Nice service.When we got done it was like a comedy routine as the folding chairs we were leaning kept falling and crashing.After that, we went to two different veterans posts; great food and company (mostly of the marine vets).A six hour event total; was great.Now   …… the “but” part     …..We whine, bitch and moan, “I want my country back” ….whaa whaa whaa etc.”The country is coming apart, the end is near” etc etc…..Why?????? because we dont carry out the responsibilities we are supposed to do. Its duty.Yes we have meetings & gatherings etc…..So what am i talking about? …………At these two memorial services, only eight people from the public showed up!!Where were all the so called hawk republicans, conservatives, patriots etc??!!The marine detail & presenters far outnumbered the visitors.Where were the iraq & afghan vets too?! (mayby one showed up late in day at the post).(We have a generation of young vets who are not carrying on the torch).And also, where were the so called afghan & hatian “refuuugeeees”?Where was their presence of gratefullness?Not one person of representation from the city nor the county appeared as a speaker as well!Ye its a drag to have to get up early;but the survival & success of our country starts with doing these things of selflessness.Were at these things because its about our fallen heros, not to entertain “us”.When we do these core responsibilities, its actually “leadership”; we are leading by example to our youth & adults.Memorial day by far is THE most important day on the american calendar!.This foundation is whats needed before we can, “take our country back”.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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