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Karen Landino and I were at the recruitment for “40 DAYS FOR LIFE” tonight.  This event is organized by Southwest Coalition for Life and will be scheduled from 28 Sept- 6 November and consist of prayer vigils from 0700-1900 daily at various locations to include the upcoming Planned Parenthood at 2525 #15 S. Telshor.  The industry of legalized murder is coming to our city.   
Karen has agreed to represent CCIA in reaching out for volunteers who believe in the cause for life and prayer.  Her contact info is: Karen Landino   575-202-6017    [email protected].  How you can help:

  1. Contact Karen and sign up for a day/location and time of prayer.  (2) hour shifts. 
  2. Team up: Help and work with Karen to spread the word and sign up citizens for this upcoming event to stop houses of death.  Abortion clinics serve (1) purpose: Take Life. 
  3. Engage your friends, neighbors, family and houses of worship and ask your pastor or priest to help spread the word.  

Thank you 


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