5/15 City Council Highlights


Monday’s city council meetingAgenda item 7.2 ( acceptance of 2024 budget )Consent – 2 items sliently accepted. Both $mil for unhoused, HUD $ for Nonprofs, Long term sustainability and construction to camp hope campus, on site housing & service functions for continual interpetude of massive unhoused populations.7.2 acceptance of budget.Very last chance to ask for clarification on anything in the large document. Sun News carried on Sunday / Monday an article which does well to explain core & how the Budget Retreat reinforced the Councilors voting with programs they requested.We all know that this will will pass. So it not trying to stop it. It is do you or others understand this is where $ will be directed by current council. Then after election new councilors (January) encourage or discourage budget adjustments. Majority rules direction of $.7.3 Telbrook – zoning change on the edge of frontage road & city perimeter. Entrance to county & why people come here to relive.This is exploring annexation- These residents get all utilities from city but would waste.Use city facilities as city residents but pay no property taxes. City charges same GRT to there shopping. So difference?All city boundaries are being look at with building advantages for strategic plan.Look for Mayor to leave prior to last Ordinances being voted on.REMEMBER MEETING IS AT 9AM ON MAY 15*Regards Gregory


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