LCPS School Board contact

Dear Las Crucens,
Will you please give 5 minutes to contact the Las Cruces School Board to express your concerns about their unanimous vote to retain the explicit Jack of Hearts book in the Mayfield High School library?Contact info and potential talking points are below.
Below is a link where you can watch the full appeal hearing, where the school board voted on the book. This hearing includes:myself and Beth Bousquet (CCIA) presenting to the school board for 10 minutes rebuttal comments from the MHS librarian for 10 minutes discussion by the school board explaining their rationale for their decision
You may be more likely to receive a response if you email these people individually.
Note that Carol Cooper, a supposed conservative, voted along with all the others to retain the book.

Board President Teresa Tenorio – [email protected]
Vice President Pam Cort – [email protected] Member
Carol Cooper – [email protected] Member
Patrick Nolan – [email protected] Member
Robert Wofford – [email protected]
Superintendent Ignacio Ruiz – [email protected]
Chief of Staff Shirley O’Brien – [email protected]
Deputy Superintendent of Teaching, Learning & Research Dr. Wendi Miller Tomlinson – [email protected]

List of all email addresses you can copy/paste:
 [email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]  

Feel free to use some of the text below in your email.
Your email will be most effective if you customize the text below instead of just pasting it verbatim into your email. Please be respectful and use your own authentic voice for more impact.

NOTE 1: It would be counterproductive to express anti-gay or anti-trans sentiments to the Board. We are strategically focusing on the overall sexual content as being inappropriate, regardless of whether it is straight or gay.
NOTE 2: Likewise, it would generally be counterproductive to be quoting the Bible, referring to your religion, or mentioning communism or Marxism in your comments.
It is unconscionable that you voted to keep the sexually explicit book in the school library. The graphic sexual content and language in this book is not appropriate for young teens.
You have failed the community by voting to allow graphic sexual content, including pedophilia and underage kids having promiscuous sex, in our schools.
Schools need to be educating kids, not exposing them to obscene content.
You know that the book review committee was unfairly biased, yet nonetheless you voted to uphold its decision to keep this book in the high school library. This is unacceptable and shows that you are not acting in the best interests of the children of our community.
You don’t seem to care enough about Las Cruces’ children to protect them from obscenity and pornography in schools. You are failing to do your duty.
You had a perfect opportunity to stand up for the children in Las Cruces. Instead, you have shown that you cannot be trusted to fairly evaluate materials in our schools.

There is evidence that Board Members Wofford and Nolan were biased and had purposely stacked the book review committee to represent one specific viewpoint instead of the community at large. Nonetheless, the School Board President allowed these two Board Members to participate in the vote. This calls into question the integrity of the School Board.
(If you have children or grandchildren attending LCPS, it would be good to mention that.)

Thank you in advance for taking action on this! 
Standing with you in solidarity,
Sarah Smith and Juan Garcia (CCIA)
Free People of the Southwest (local action)
New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (statewide action)


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