a fools day

A Fools Day Today is the opening day for Recreational Marijuana in NM, and what is today, April 1st which is Aprils Fools Day. Maybe tomorrow I will find out it was just a joke but I fear not as this state is run by nothing but fools. Yesterday I listened to an interview with the CA Mendocino County State Representative. He had their sheriff on who talked about the balancing act between legal and illegal cannabis and the strength of the drug cartels in N CA. He said he needed more support (which probably means protection) for the legal trade. I also listened to an interview with CA Governor candidate Schallenberger speak on the homeless situation. His plan is to totally ban street camping and get them all into indoor facilities with pathways to meaningful work like the CCC offered during the depression and also coordinating efforts between CA and other states for a pathway to relocate homeless back to the states they came from. The homeless population is estimated at upwards of 200,000 with LA being the epicenter. Where to start seemed to stump the potential governor. There is this false assumption that all people living on the streets do not want to be there and if offered a pathway forward would jump at the chance full heartedly. There seems to be a serious disconnect from the fact that addiction and mental health issues and cross mixing of the two is the bulk of the population. My 19 years of experience in Alcoholics Anonymous has made it clearly obvious that getting clean or sober is a fleeting thought in most addicts minds and we in AA help them for free with no outside contributions from any entity. Just a buck or two in the basket if one has it. How will he fund this? Good old Uncle Sam which makes it no longer his problem when it goes wrong. It is all about direct or indirect government jobs as thousands will be created to manage the project. A big part of the homeless situation is the perpetuation of it by what is called the homeless support industry. All the various entities compete for $$$ through donations and tax dollars and in no way work together. How he expects to create a cohesive effort is not in the conversation. Not one word was spoken regarding the effectiveness of Religious institutions and the importance of rebuilding the family unit which the breakdown of is a lot of the beginning pathway that takes people into this tragedy. Rob


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