A Nation Even More At Risk
We need a full blown new report as obviously nothing at the level it needs to happen ever happened. Technology is continually accelerating and we have a system still today that has no idea how to integrate it even though our graduates will be required in the business world to use, enhance and expand on it.
The 74 million tries to be supportive but the handwriting is on the wall. The way we educate is decades behind and the system is only interested in preserving itself, not improving student’s marketability in their futures. Definitely academic proficiency is a real issue but that is not the only shortcoming. Today and tomorrow business demands a workforce that is adaptable, not interested in career length employment of the past, willing to stay engaged in life long self directed professional development maybe in entirely different fields as some become obsolete. They need to work collaboratively not singly as our education system fosters, possibly across the globe fluidly as we become more and more connected at the speed of light. Most importantly they need to understand a diversity of fields to be educated in as so many today cross connect as never before.

Rob Wood


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