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I dont want an abortion clinic in this town.  In simple terms, this industry only brings death to the most defenseless.  We have plenty of women’s health services in LC without adding abortion clinics focused only on surgically killing the unborn.  
Once the “Pink Houses” and PP arrive in July,  they will multiply.
Y’all may have heard we are opening a clinic out west in Las Cruces, NM ASAP. Anticipating a lot of folks are going to need our services, we are adding abortion practitioners to our roster. If interested/available please email us at [email protected]
The women in your familycan easily get an abortion without parental consent or awareness.  The school indoctrination programs and the media have turned abortion into a “quick alternative to contraception” with “my body my choice” disinformation campaign. 
Do your own research. NM has one of the most lax laws allowing this industry to thrive.  Or as Councilor Bencomo said” new providers who may move into the state will become part of [the] community,” and “build the relationships necessary in [the] community in order to have a thriving abortion clinic.”
The government sponsored site  points women to which will explain to the 11 year old young lady her “reproductive rights” which don’t include you, the parent. 
I am going to front about 5K to lease the “1st high visibility” billboard for 12 weeks and get this initiative moving ASAP…..  
Your assistance is welcome.    Any amount helps….  

  1. Drop off  contributions at Kitchen Kraft    980 Telshor Blvd.    575-525-8466.  Open T-Sat  0900-1700 (5 PM). 


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