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I sent the letter below to LCPS.  I am asking that each of you engage with your respective board member and superintendent and ask we add a moment of silence to our days with a focus on the family.   We need to start pushing this message….Look at what they are planning or proposing to teach our kids…. 
Here is the list of school officials.
Write to your school representative or all of them.  GET INTO ACTION !!!!
Questions, let me or the Faith Outreach AC  [email protected] know……

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On Saturday, April 16th, 2022 at 21:19, CCIAWINUSA <[email protected]> wrote:

Mr. Jaramillo and Mr. Ramos
I am requesting that you consider introducing a moment of silence/prayer during each board meeting and in each school during the first period.  Kids can stand or sit.  They can pray or have a moment of silence to worship. This would be an opportunity for students as well as parents or citizens to reflect and think about what is important.    The value of family is being degraded and replaced by other meaningless societal or cultural indoctrination 
There is much turbulence in our society, decay of the family and  barrage of topics being introduced in the schools and society of much less value to our youth, parents and citizens. 
The moment of silence/prayer can be preceded or introduced as something like “during this moment we (students at school or citizens at board meeting) should focus on what is important to us and our families”.   
I am hoping for a favorable response or willingness to engage on the subject…..
​Juan D Garcia


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