And how is San Francisco doing it?

Here is drinking from a firehose on homelessness:
I am not a follower of apple news but a lady that was a director of the Oak Street Veterans Housing in Mesilla Park sent it to me. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
The only answer is consistently more money even though it does nothing to slow the ever growing homeless population.
19,000 in San Francisco homeless and when I add up the number of units (if one can call them that) for housing it is not even a drop in the bucker with respect to how many are still out there. Housing is a great buzzword but what happens to the thousands upon thousands that are waiting? The more benefits offered the more will come to live on the streets to wait.
The challenge in looking at this situation is that we are unable to see life through their minds that are encumbered by a collection of individual debilitations and combinations of long term trauma, addictions and major mental health and physical health situations and then feel that inside they all must think like we do. Just house them (at what cost?) and they will fall back into being productive members of society.
It all seems rather futile to me when this is really a societal breakdown that is historically natural for affluent societies. The family goes first and the civilization goes next. It all starts with the strength of the family unit which today is being taught throughout our society as nothing of significant importance.


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