Another and Another Attack on a LC Small Business

Elected Officials

Councilors and Rep Rubio 
Another attack on a Hispanic owned small business last night.  Miguel is the owner.  Avalos Optical- Vista Plaza at 3961 E. Lohman.  
Criminal busted the front door and destroyed a glasses case, committed other damage and stole a large number of expensive eyewear. 
Expecting a loss of about $5-6K. 
Only “crime” this SB owner committed was to own a small business to support the community and live the American dream.  When I sent the letter from the criminal attack on Miguel’s Restaurant last night,  I wasn’t literally expecting another attack in the community the following day.  But it happened.  And it will continue….
In two days, about $11-12K has been lost by both “known” attacked small businesses.   
Of course this has been going on for months, years…..And will continue until your policies change ( engage with the state legislators) and hold criminals accountable and responsible with deserving consequences….
The other establishment preferred to remain anonymous for concerns of retaliation…..  

Elected Officials

Councilor Corran and Gandara
During the last LCCC meeting you called out the BB that was on Solano and Missouri as “shameful” and a “rhetorical strategy” (a different BB is now on Solano/E. Las Cruces and more are going up).    I am ok with the pushback. We will continue to highlight the forgotten citizens. 
 Please explain to the owner of Miguel’s Restaurant (Rolando)- 1140 E. Amador, why this criminal act happened late last night/early morning and what the City Council is doing to prevent.  The establishment had been cased. 
Was this caused by poverty, oppression, racism or a plain CRIMINAL ACT that needs to stop ?
This is the third break in of this establishment.  This incident will cost about $5K (out of pocket expenses) – to cover wage losses, repair and loss of revenue until the establishment is fully operational.  How many other crimes like this are being committed ?  Or will be committed tonight, tomorrow….before decisive action is taken to stop this spike in crime ?
I met with the owner. This is a small business owned by a Hispanic family, working to live the American dream through hard work and supporting our community. And the wanton criminal acts being committed in this city are hurting them. And others….This is what is shameful….
Where are the consequences, accountability and responsibility for this and many other unreported crimes ?
Thank you 



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