Another Criminal Act in LC and UBI…

Contact your city representatives……

Mayor and Councilors
I am sure you have seen the latest criminal act against the same LC establishment. This happened the last day or so.  The criminals took out another door but the “good thing” is there are still a few windows left unbroken they can go after.  And the city continues to do nothing to stop this.  It is a disgrace. 
Now we are back to discussing Universal Basic Income (UBI) thinking  crime is caused in part by “poverty” ?  Or “racism”. No sir, this is pure destruction by individuals who hate and want to destroy.  They want to destroy the one opportunity for citizens to take care of their basic shopping needs.  These individuals should be arrested and put in a place they cant cause anymore damage.  Where is the outrage ?  Or is this becoming “acceptable” by our leadership….
As to UBI,  This project would provide $500 monthly to 150 families for 18 months.Additionally, the project would pay out $450 each to families who participated in the data collection.The payments will be delivered through direct deposit or prepaid cards, and there are no conditions on what the money can be used for.No restrictions.  What type of safeguards are in place that restrict this money from use in marijuana dispensaries to get stoned or spent in our most recent abortion clinic ?  Are there metrics to determine the success or failure of this next handout ?    Are we rewarding illegal immigrants for making bad choices ? 
If this program is implemented, I will look forward to seeing how Councilor Bencomo’s final comments in the You Tube where she states” implementing something real that can actually end poverty ” comes to fruition.Or does it mean the program will continue to be extended.  And extended…….
Thank you for your time….



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