Another Disgusting Morning in LC

Coming to a place near you- ENGAGE

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Elected Officials
Photos I just received from a small business on Solano and Missouri while waiting for LCPD to clear out the trespassers.  If LCPD shows up…
Imagine if you came to work (or got home) and YOU personally had to clean this mess and deal with this situation.  Almost daily…
It is unconscionable LC has been allowed to get to this point.  On your watch. 
This is Council District  3 and this is what former Councilor Vasquez left us with.  Will see what he does for the District.  

Thanks to the Mayor and Councilor Graham for their meeting with representatives from state and federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offices, etc…   But this is not enough. The crime continues.  Safe Haven Thrift shop unable to open yesterday as planned.  Victims of the criminal element. Local citizens in need impacted.

In the meantime, our local state elected officials have allowed to get this far….IMO, Not politically expedient to engage….
Where is the protection for the quality of life or health of the victims of this criminal activity ?  Seems like priorities are not correct….. “I see this as an investment for the future,” Abeyta Stuve said. “It helps protect everything from our quality of life to our climate.”  or 
“This change is about so much more than just affordability,” Bencomo said. “It is also about accessibility and sustainability. This is an investment in the overall health of our community.”



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